About us

E-lasty is an esthetic salon that provides body esthetics and facial esthetics services with the catchphrase: “To women who want to be healthy and beautiful in both body and mind. Transform not only your appearance but also be reborn beautifully from within.”

The salon’s name is derived from the term “everlasting,” and it embodies meanings such as continuous, enduring, long-lasting, and timeless. The salon aims to deliver effects and results that endure, providing lasting and enduring beauty and health. The name [E-lasty ] was chosen to encompass these meanings.

While initially focusing on body esthetics, the effectiveness and results of bridal esthetics gained widespread acclaim through word of mouth.

Currently, over 80% of clients visiting the salon are those utilizing bridal esthetics.

The salon places great importance on supporting clients during significant milestones in their lives, aiming to help them discover and bring out their true selves and essence.


Owned Certifications:

  • AEA Advanced Certified Esthetician
  • Japan Diet and Health Association Diet Meal Guidance Specialist
  • Japan Diet and Health Association Diet Certification Level 1
  • Professional Advisor

Performance / Achievements

Hot Pepper Beauty Review Rankings:

  • 1st Place in Tokyo Area Bridal Esthetics Category (May 2023)
  • 1st Place in Ginza Area Bridal Esthetics Category (June 2021)
  • 1st Place in Chuo Ward Area Endermology Category (May 2021)
  • 1st Place in Ginza Area Lymphatic Drainage Category (September 2020)
  • 1st Place in Chuo Ward Area Bridal Esthetics Category (May 2020)

Customer Testimonials

Chia / Female / Resident of Tokyo:
They not only care for the body but also analyze and care for the state of the mind, and I believe it has a very positive impact on my daily life.

Koharu / Female / Resident of Fukuoka:
Meticulous counseling, abundant knowledge and skills, and a sincere commitment to each client conveyed a sense of trust.

Miya / Female / Resident of Tokyo:
Swelling and stiffness in my body have been relieved, and I am immersed in a refreshing and pleasant afterglow. I received a lot of advice, so I will do my best in self-care. I would love to visit again!

Arc / Female / Resident of Tokyo:
Thank you very much for the meticulous treatment. I am extremely satisfied with the personality of the staff, their skills, and the overall atmosphere.

Future Vision

Activation of Women’s Society
Activation of the Esthetics Industry
I want to spread the essence of esthetics to the world.

Other plans include:
1,Development of Original Brand and In-House Products
2,Local Cosmetics Line Using Regional Resources
3,Global Expansion